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Popular climbing routes in Slovenia

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From introduction:

For quite some years the authors carried the climbing guideSlovenske stene (from which this book, Popular Climbing Routes in Slovenia, has been prepared) within their hearts and minds. But young alpinists wanted to have a survey of the finest routes and mountain walls throughout Slovenia, and so the guidebook came into being in 1987, followed by a second edition. Foreign alpinists have often pointed out how good it would be to translate this book and thus present the best routes to climbers from abroad who wish to spend some time exploring the Slovene Alps. The choice of routes in the original book was governed by three criteria: aesthetic (the most important), historical and regional, and many alpinists were involved in the selection. Sadly, the author Tine Mihelič died in the Slovene mountains in 2004 and it is in his memory that this selection of the best known climbing routes in Slovenia has been prepared in collaboration with the two translators.

"We trust that this guidebook in English will give visiting alpinists a small but satisfying foretaste of Slovenia's magnificent mountain world."


From the book

»Climbing guidebooks are for the reason of abundance of material more than ever straitened to specific areas and do not stimulate climbers to learn more about wider picture. However, Slovenian Alps are unified and magnificently rounded up climbing area. To learn Slovenian rock walls as a climbing whole is the main mission of every climber.«

Tine Mihelič and Rudi Zaman, the authors of the book 

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ISBN 978-961-261-340-2
Leto izdaje 2014
Število strani 332
Dimenzije 16,5 x 22,0
Vezava Trda
Izdal Didakta
Avtor Rudi Zaman, Tine Mihelič
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Popular climbing routes in Slovenia

Cena 29,90 €