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School is a pain

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Remember your early school days, your trembling heart in front of the blackboard, tricks that you played on your teachers, parents and friends. Remember your first kiss, your first love, your first rebellions, fights with your friends, your fears because of your bad marks, and that cute look from your first love which erased all your problems...School life, school loves and school issues described in a humorous way from a long term teacher's perspective.

Anita Štefe wants to convey the message that the feelings and behaviour of teenagers do not differ from generation to generation. She describes school life as she has experienced it from many years with a lot of pupils who have passed her way. Having taught English for twenty-five years, she can tell many interesting stories. This book is dedicated to the hundreds of pupils who have listened to her and it is also an enjoyable read for anybody either recalling or still dealing with the ambivalence of schooldays and adolescence.

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ISBN 978-961-276-971-0
Leto izdaje 2013
Število strani 112
Dimenzije 12,5 x 20,5
Vezava Mehka
Izdal Samozaložba
Avtor Anita Štefe
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School is a pain

Cena 9,90 €